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Thesis Project



This thesis lays the groundwork for the evolution of the escape room concept through an

expanded guest narrative, multiple locations, and greater guest immersion. Guests have been

entertained by the escape room experience for almost 20 years. The real-world versions having

been inspired by the “Escape the Room” genre of video games, as well as aspects of interactive

theater, haunted houses, and scavenger hunts. Escape rooms proved the financial viability of

mid-budget regional themed entertainment. In this thesis, I describe a project that would expand

the escape room idea into a guest narrative that could succeed as a regional theme park.

Inspiration for how this could be completed comes from preexisting examples inside theme parks

as well as the genres of interactive theater and modern escape rooms.

If I have piqued your interest and you would like to read more about my thesis, you can click on the pdf link.

If pretty renders are more your speed, I have posted all the graphics below.  

Models were created in Sketchup and rendered in Lumion.

Finalized Render  1.jpg
Finalized Render 2.5.jpg
Finalized Render  3.jpg
Finalized Render 4.jpg
Finalized Render 5.5.5.jpg
Finalized Render 6.jpg
Finalized Render 7.5.jpg
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