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Midge's Apartment

Set Decorating, 2019

The assignment was to design a studio apartment for the character Midge from the pilot episode of Mad Men.


The space was designed in Revit, before being dressed in Sketchup, and rendered in Lumion.


Our designs needed to be conducive to the characters movements described in the script, and with the consideration to be lit for both daytime and nighttime scenes.

The character is an illustrator living in New York City in 1960, she is a world traveller who was heavily influenced by Japanese art.


I took these script notes and interpreted the character as a Beatnik living a more minimalist lifestyle in Greenwich Village.

Midge Apt Photo.jpg
Midge Apt Photo4
Midge Apt Photos
Midge Apt Photo5
Midge Apt Photo5alt
Midges groundplan.png
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