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I am currently teaching myself 3DS Max by recreating furniture from Star Trek: The Original Series.  I plan to 3D print the digital models and place them in a physical model of the television set. 


The model is in 3/8" scale and roughly 50" from top to bottom and built on a 60"x 40" base.

To add lights and sounds I am teaching myself C# and used an Arduino board.  However, when I was doing the wiring the soldering didn't take and I only ended up with lights down the main corridor.  This is something I hope to rectify in the next few months.  

I also plan to add an effect with a tilt switch.  The effect will start when someone bumps the model.  Lights will flash white and an audio clip of an explosion will play.  The lights will then flash red as a "red alert" siren is played.  This effect will last for 5-10 seconds before returning to its base of RGB rotating lights and background audio.  

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