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Voodoo Escape Queue

I am currently designing a queue for an attraction inspired by New Orleans Voodoo culture. 


        Asteria Adventures, a new tour company has set up a new tourist destination outside New Orleans.  Inspired by the new Dark Tourism trend, this new experience is located on the former property of a famed Voodoo Queen, whose disappearance is surrounded by mystery.  The picturesque plantation is littered with relics of her former activity, however, they are not as seem.  Before the Queen's impending death, she performed a spell to transfer her soul, into a nearby doll.             As in her life,  the Queen is assisted by her loyal minions, enchanted voodoo dolls, who while inept serve as her eyes and ears throughout the property.  Now as the Queen is preparing to regain her former body,  she is told by her minions that the first tour group is ON THEIR WAY.



            The Plantation features large Live Oak trees, while they may appear pristine from the entrance, as you make your way through the queue you will begin to see damage caused by the critical event.  Guest will see the voodoo “relics” scattered throughout the yard and in the trees.  The dolls hanging in the trees can be heard talking, and guest will witness the dolls as they are caught in the middle of comical dioramas throughout the yard.   The tour company’s logo and signage will be poorly plastered over much larger and more urgent warnings hung by locals.

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